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Health Care

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Health Care

Today's health care environment is more complex than ever before. Leaders are managing multiple key initiatives simultaneously, from executing new processes for improved quality and outcomes to the disruptive nature of implementing electronic medical record (EMR) systems, to name a few. The complexity increases as we have learned that the various stakeholder groups, (physicians, nurses, etc.), have distinct preferences of how they prefer to receive information and what types of communications they deem important. How does leadership communicate within this hectic environment and, most importantly, ensure their messages are being heard?

Extensive Experience. Proven Results.

With over 10 years of experience working within the health care industry, from branding and launching the nation’s largest EMR implementation, to rebranding a progressive health care organization on the east coast, we have deep experience and understand the nuanced issues within the health care environment. We grasp the complexities of getting your messages out and know how best to approach an effective communication strategy.

Our Health Care Services include:
  • Brand Strategy to ensure the organization remains relevant in the current markets it serves
  • Branding internal initiatives for optimal engagement
  • Large-scale communication strategy, planning and implementation
  • Technology Adoption support to ensure end users are prepared for go-live and optimization

We invite you to contact us to learn how Bromberg Consulting can help you optimize your communications programs, launch new initiatives, and prepare your organization for the implementation of an electronic medical record system and other technologies.