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The Seven Tenets of Branding
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When carefully crafted and managed, a brand creates value for both the company and its customers. We know from looking at top global brands, that the value of their brand asset often exceeds the value of the total hard assets of the company. The difference between selling a product and creating a brand can be the difference between long-term success and potential failure.

Branding is a dynamic and disciplined process that when conducted with a combination of intellect, insight and creativity, yields valuable results for business. Having worked extensively with all types of brands, from unknown to well-known, from a personal service such as health care to technology, science and consumer goods, we have defined seven basic tenets of branding that apply across all types of businesses. If left undefined or unattended to, customers will create their own interpretation of your brand, which in the long-term can work against your ability to create a highly valuable asset. read more

It Starts at Go Live
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Ten Readiness Strategies Every Leader Should Know About Implementing an Electronic Medical Records System.

The strategies presented in this paper are based on actual feedback from a wide spectrum of end users and key stakeholders involved in dozens of EMR implementations including inpatient, outpatient and practice management. read more

The Role of Communications
in IT Implementations
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The implementation of an enterprise-wide technology solution, such as an electronic medical record (EMR) system, is a complex and costly undertaking. Most organizations approach this endeavor with a primary focus on the installation of the hardware and software, even though by itself the technology adds little or no value. The true value and benefit to the organization is realized only in the actual use of the system by clinicians and staff as they go about their work day-to-day.

To achieve meaningful use that results in improved patient safety, higher quality clinical outcomes, cost efficiencies and other myriad benefits, it is critical for organizations embarking on an EMR implementation to broaden their focus to include comprehensive strategies that encompass their people, to ensure they are ready and willing to use the system effectively in their work. When individual clinicians are supported and have agreed to go through the personal disruption of change, the system will be used with acceptance and understanding, and the organization will achieve the desired results. read more

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