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Health Care

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We are passionate about branding. We are continually energized by engaging in the process of helping companies uncover their brand potential and developing it into a tangible asset. We are also ardent educators and enjoy sharing our knowledge about branding and communications with students, business professionals and fellow marketers.

Guest Lecturers

We guest lecture at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management, the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program and the College of Engineering.

We are available to speak at industry and association meetings on the topics of Branding, Strategic Communications and Technology Adoption in Health Care.

What students have to say:

“Ms Bromberg is a great source of information. Thanks for bringing her to the class and having her share her knowledge.”

“I found it interesting how much work goes into branding a company… I did not realize how things like the logo affect your image and brand in such a powerful way.”

“The lecture made me think about how important company culture is.”

“One of the most important topics that I came away with from the presentation was the importance of creating a lasting and recognizable brand.”

“I found it interesting to learn that the experiences customers have with a company create the perceptions that form a brand image. I always thought that a brand was just the name or logo of a business.”

“It was so interesting to learn that Brand value is a completely additional asset to a company’s profit and that the power of a brand can keep you in business (Toyota example).”