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Process: overview

This is immensely helpful. Thank you for your intensive listening and creative thinking about what you hear. This process is very stimulating.”

William H. Doelle, Ph.D. President and CEO, Archaeology Southwest

Our Proven Brand Strategy Process

We believe the starting place for all marketing and corporate communications is rooted in a clearly articulated Brand Strategy. Our branding process provides the framework to identify and define the unique attributes, inspirational benefit, position and messages that become the foundation for design and communication development. The results of this process are leveraged across all communications for an integrated program that yields stronger results and a higher ROI.

Our proven methods ensure a sound foundation while accommodating the unique profile and needs of each client situation. Our customized approach ensures successful outcomes, drives consensus, and reveals the strategic insights that inform the process and can be leveraged throughout the organization.

Brand Strategy Process Overview:

We work across the continuum of marketing and communication needs, and customize our processes to meet the challenge at hand. However, if your organization does not have a well-defined Brand Strategy, we encourage making that the first step in your process as we believe the brand is at the core of all effective marketing and communications efforts.

Informing the process:

Foundational to the overall process is gaining insight into your company, products and services. We engage in an in-depth review of your business strategy, target audiences, competitive landscape, goals, objectives and other pertinent information.


For a brand to be meaningful and relevant to your target audiences and connect at an emotional level, we must gain insight into their current perceptions, what they are looking for in an ideal experience, and what other options they consider when making a purchase decision. Based on many variables, the research can take the form of surveys, questionnaires, one-on-one interviews and/or focus groups. We work closely with our client teams to determine the right research approach for informing the process.

Brand Architecture:

Brand Architecture is how an organization structures and names the lines of business and brands within its portfolio, and how those entities relate to each other. We take a holistic look at the structure and relationships of the business, including product lines and divisions. How an organization structures its brands directly impacts positioning and provides the foundation for effective communications. The objective is to create a structure that optimizes the opportunities to build the brand and extend it over time.

Brand Positioning:

Following the in-depth assessment, research and other phases customized per client, we use our branding tools to develop a compelling, distinctive, relevant and differentiated Brand Position for our client. The Brand Position will be rooted in deep knowledge of the target audience and will connect at an emotional and inspirational level.

Brand Identity:

Leveraging the defined brand position and strategy, the Brand Identity serves as the beacon for the organization and establishes the look and feel of the visual brand. It unifies the brand position and drives the creative execution of the website, collateral and all marketing communications.

Brand Execution:

For effective delivery of the band, it is important to interpret the Brand Identity into impactful deliverables and communications. We work closely with our client teams to determine the most important components of the marketing mix that will need to be updated or redesigned to optimize the new brand. The deliverables will establish the brand voice and tonality, deliver key brand messages and reflect the personality of the brand.

Living the Brand:

Every point of contact a customer encounters with your organization provides an opportunity to deliver the brand. The more consistent the delivery, the faster and more consistent the brand reputation will develop in the market. It is crucial for internal staff to feel like they are part of the process and the owners of the brand. To fully engage their support, they will need to know the background of the process, what the brand position means to them personally, what it means to how they do their job, and what it means to the organization. We assist in developing the best approach to help your organization internalize the brand.