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Kaiser Permanente / Internal Branding

The Company

Kaiser Permanente is the nation's largest Health Maintenance Organization with 8.4 million members, 150,000 employees and 15,000 physicians, in eight regions across the country.

When Kaiser Permanente began preparing for the implementation of a large-scale technology infrastructure that would integrate an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with Practice Management capability, leadership recognized that this initiative would have tremendous impact throughout the entire organization. This implementation would fundamentally change the way people do their jobs and the way health care is delivered. It is also the largest civilian technology deployment in the United States.

The Objective

To support the significant amount of change taking place throughout the organization, Kaiser Permanente asked Bromberg Consulting to create and implement a new internal brand. The brand was designed to bring attention to the importance of the initiative and ensure engagement among all employee and physician groups.

The process included:
  • Naming strategy and development
  • Testing (22 focus groups across the country)
  • Identity development (logo and brand standards)
  • Communications plan development to launch initiative to employees and physicians
  • Communication Tools – presentations and talking points
  • Production of 3 -10 minute videos demonstrating how the technology supports the patient visit and business processes